Saridewi Surf School offers beginner, intermediate and advanced level skill of surf. You will get different knowledge based on your level and we will teach you in a relaxing and fun environment.

Moreover, safety is the focus of our lessons and we always make sure our client knows about surfing knowledge. Our goals is to make you grow with us from beginner level to a master.

Surfing Lessons

Saridewi Surf School offers you

  • 2.5 hour of surfing, including transport, refreshment and equipment.
  • Highly experienced coach
  • One instructor for two students.
  • Learn to surf in a fun and relaxing environment.

Please note that the lessons depend on the weather and the waves at that moment. Please contact us if you have any other questions.


Beginner Lessons

  • Safety in the water
  • Understanding about beach condirion and the wave
  • How to catch a wave and stand up on the water

Intermediate Lessons

  • How to turn your board
  • How to catch unbreaking waves (green waves)
  • How to paddle out (escape from the waves)

Advanced Lessons

  • How to ride bigger waves
  • Learn to do new surfing maneuvers

Surf Trip

Surf trips around Bali offers you to go out from your regular surf spots to explore different waves around Bali. However, the destinaton would depend on your surfing skill, the weather and the beach condition at that time.

For all lessons and trips, students are required to bring their own sunblock and towels